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With over 16 years in the communication field Erin has an ear for great sound. As the owner of The Market Place she’s produced hundreds of videos. She’s versed in all areas of the business from shooting and editing video to getting the perfect voice talent to make the script come to life.

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As a professional producer prior to becoming a voice talent, Erin understands what important customer service is. She will make sure your script is perfection and that it’s delivered on time. It’s what she expected and what she wants for her clients.


A Testimonial from J. Michael Collins

Erin IS the girl next door. Her voice is like liquid sunshine, filling every read with brightness and smile. With a natural ease that makes the conversational read a breeze, coupled with just a touch of flirty sass, Erin makes the listener want to hear more every time. With remarkable vocal control, Erin can also switch to a more polished and corporate sound on a dime, and bring credibility to any industrial or e-learning project. Erin booked her first job after just four auditions, and you had better hire her soon for your project……before you can’t afford her!

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Erin is in Central Florida (EST) (813) 478-1735

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